Touch Switches

Features :

  • Easy Installation
  • Switches have surge protectors inside to handle voltage variations within the circuit
  • No modification required in the internal wiring to install the smart switch – a Retrofit Module
  • Regulate fans on a tap
  • Command with the voice on the integration of Google Home or Amazon Alexa
  • Wi-Fi enabled product that works with/without internet connectivity

Technical Specifications :

  • Power input : 80 ~ 264V AC, 50/60Hz.
  • Repeater : Yes
  • Beaming : Yes
  • Power Input Single Channel : 240V,50/60Hz,
  • Dimmer Power Input : 1.5A
  • Dimmer Levels : 5 - Turbo Mode
  • Total Power Input : 1.5A
  • Maximum Inductive Load : 400W
  • Max standby power : <0.8W.
  • Operating distance : 75 ~ 100 meters.
  • No of Inputs : 1

Fan Dimmer Touch :

Forget the tick-tack of the traditional switches. Now it’s time to give your home a majestic look of touch switches, as it provides the interior of any room with an artistic and elegant look. So, upgrade your walls smart switches and turn your home into a smart home.

Smart Touch : A sleek glass panel design that is remarkably smooth, providing the best of design and functionality at your fingertips.

Feather Touch : Highly sensitive touch sensors. Perfect responses to all your touch commands.

Heat Humidity Shock-proof : Low voltage, child-friendly switches. Safe to touch even if the hands are moist.

Easy Installation : Screwdriver is all you need. Being modular in size, retrofit you can install by yourself.

Touch Switches comes ready with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support. So the next time you want to turn off the bedroom light, just speak to your digital assistant. So simple!

The wide range of touch switches provides you the flexibility of choosing from multiple variants.





Live Control with Mobile App

Touch Switches blends luxurious design into a simple device that can control everything in your home. Moreover, it allows lights, fans, AC and other home appliances to work with a single touch, voice control or mobile app, at any time and from anywhere.

IOTO mobile app

Control your lights and home from anywhere using the IOTO mobile app that allows you to fulfill daily tasks with great ease.

Scenes & Schedules

Create the perfect setting every time. Wake up with the sun or stay in bed on a lazy Sunday or create the perfect movie experience, etc. by scheduling either individual switch or a group of switches.

Smart Control

Forgot to turn off your switches? Well, the mobile app allows you to control the switches from anywhere and at any time.