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IOTOMATIC - Enterprise IOT platform

IOTO is an enterprise IOT platform, which has been also extensively used as an Industrial IOT platform, that functions as a cloud application manager for connected industrial production facilities. One key feature of IOTO is that it is hardware and transport-agnostic, which enables it to easily integrate with a broad variety of sensors, controllers, machines and device gateways in order to readily support any existing industrial infrastructure.


Control Whenever you want, from where ever you are.

Turn On or Off your appliances just by a tap from your desktop or your mobile phone. Restrict access to employees in the enterprise to your appliance control.


Schedule your appliances for perfect timing.

Turn on/off appliances automatically to save energy. Can be used to manage Common area lighting, street lights, key tags etc in your enterprise.


Detect Deterioration in Machines or Solar Panels in advance.

With granual data of power consumption and Intelligent parameters like harmonics, you can early detect flaws in machineries and save yourself from breakdowns.


Take automated actions with Workflows.

Workflows do actions based on triggers, be it an anomaly or an event. Get a notification when an event occurs or take automated actions to protect your appliances.

IOTOMATIC Smart Industry Solution Overview

Our IOT solutions provide seamless machine to machine connectivity in all location at a minimal cost. Digital Controls will help to nurture your business growth and cater to your needs. Our team of experts will provide assistance in designing, testing, result monitoring and problem solving. We will provide you assistance in picking up the inefficiencies sooner and saving your time and money. Our companies IOT platform is built on absolute internal security and features in-depth research to ease the business functioning. By infusing the intelligence into devices- we deliver business ease services.

The Industrial IOT can protect machines and systems from downtime by detecting the early signs of malfunction/failure.

Installing IOT sensors into industrial systems allows operators to know what’s going on with the equipment in near real-time, and with high accuracy. Connected through an IOT controller with Platform, these sensors provide you with an in-detail reporting over the equipment status, performance, security, and so on.

When we can predict problems we can prevent systems going down. With the IOT, every single machine can be transparent to your eye. However, with IOT you no longer even have to wait for failure to occur. In many cases proper analysis of data feeds coming from the equipment can lead to indications of possible future malfunction, and proper preemptive maintenance actions can fix the incident even before it happens.

Smart factory is the end goal of Industrial IOT transformation. Essential technology bundle for smart factory is AI and machine learning. The most popular modern AI applications include voice and image recognition, robotic process automation, quality control, and autonomous robots. As they gain more traction, AI algorithms will let industrial systems continuously improve their operations and find new ways for cost-efficient autonomy.

IOTOMATIC Enterprise solutions for Industrial Internet of Things

On a broader scale, an Industrial IOT platform is a key enabler of Industry 4.0, otherwise known as smart factory, which combines modern cloud computing, IOT and AI to create intelligent, self-optimizing industrial equipment and production facilities.