Tailormade Solutions For Smart Farming

For farmers and growers, IoT technology has already proven itself as a great way to increase yield and reduce operational costs through automation. This technology is also considered to be a cornerstone of smart farming, which is a data-driven and highly automated approach to cultivating soil and raising livestock. By using a broad range of IoT-enabled devices - such as soil moisture sensors, remote controlled sprinklers, etc. those in the farming business can achieve more by doing less.


IoT-based Smart Irrigation

IOT based Smart Irrigation System is trending. Irrigation sector has been facing many challenges over the past decades. Especially for those farm workers who have no idea when the power will be available so that they can pump water. They even have to wait until the field irrigation is finished. This definitely prevents them from doing other activities. Nowadays, Thanks to Internet of Things technologies, a smart solution for assisting farmers in the management of irrigation system is now available. It is not only making water used more efficiently, but also saves time and shrinks labor costs. IOTO Smart Agriculture motor panel is now comes integrated with Smart agriculture solution, a complete IoT solution for monitoring motor control and managing farm operations.


IOTO Smart Aquaculture solution

IOTO Smart Aerator motor panel is now comes integrated with Smart aquaculture solution, a complete IoT solution for monitoring motor control and managing fish harvesting operations. Check out how you can use your smart aerator motor panel with our aquaculture solution to optimize your fish harvesting results.

IoT-based Reservoir Level Monitoring

Reservoir level turns thick and fast in the place where there has a significant amount of rainfall. The on-site checking and recording data on your register seems like a nuisance and quite outdated. Thus, knowing the water levels over network will give you the insights you need to make your operation smooth.

With connecting digital water level and flow indicator to IOTO Dashboard using sensors, you can get real-time awareness over network and environmental reporting from the data captured so as to enhance water supply planning and early warning. It can receive the water level data of the water meter and transmit the data to the remote management platform through the network.