Smart Building

With IOTOMATIC Smart buildings, we want to help realtors leverage the power of IOT to stay one step ahead of the competition by transforming their real estate projects into smart buildings of the future.

Smart Building Management

Building Management System solution is aimed at providing smart automation for the building enabling the monitoring of various sensors of the buildings to make them safer, more secure and to provide both control and monitoring of the electrical assets of the building to improve the building operations, essentially transforming the building into a Smart Building.


Enhanced security and surveillance system

Motion and occupancy sensors with smart surveillance cameras to detect intrusion at multiple points. Smart emergency buttons to notify security personnel in danger.


Smart water management

Centralized control of water pumps. Real-time water consumption report of every home using smart flow sensors.


Smart Common Area Lighting

Automated lighting system with single phase controllers. Centralized control of all common lights with features such as schedules, routines and workflows.


Smart energy meters

Provides real time power consumption tracking at different points in the building including every home. Get alerts to notify consumption over threshold limits.


Centralized building management dashboard

Generation of Detailed energy consumption reports. Provides easy building security monitoring. Includes smart water and lighting system management.