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IOTO utilises the latest in Wired and Wireless technology to offer the most efficient solution for Smart Home Automation

A smart home automation system will control lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances. It may also contain home security such as access control and alarm systems.


Smart Farming
Transforming the Farming Industry

The overall objective of smart farming efforts is to achieve greater self-sufficiency and larger revenues by minimizing the risks of crop failures and increasing the overall yield quality.

IOTO Enterprise Solutions help to make enterprises safe, smart and sustainable

Our solutions achieve this by enabling Enterprises to significantly reduce their Energy consumption through our award winning Wireless Sensors. Our Energy Monitoring solutions allow energy consumption to be monitored and enable control of electrical assets across the enterprise.


IOTO Industrial Automation Solutions

Technology advances have blurred the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds, and given rise to the next great industrial revolution known as the Industrial Internet of Things or Industry 4.0



IOTO design and build Automation solutions to fulfill your requirements and lifestyle

We have delivered technology and solutions to luxury villas, apartments, large apartment and villa developments, hotels, pubs, restaurants, schools, colleges and offices in many areas. We have partnered with several leading technology companies in the world and with our own designs to bring the best for Office and Smart Home Automation.


Automation Solutions For Smart Homes

  • We make your world smarter. Control from Anywhere, Timing Set-up for all Devices
  • Tighter Security & Live Power Tracking
  • Lighting Options Tailor made for you with Smart Entertainment Control
  • Easy to handle daily mundane tasks by scheduling/creating your own scenes, routines & workflows which are trigger based with smart sensors.

At IOTO, we believe that high-end technology must be affordable for all. With our Smart Home we aim to make this dream a reality. The smart home comes with features that let you add smart capability to your home appliances without replacing any of their existing set-up, at the same time adding an extra layer of security to your home.

Equipped with an app that lets you control your smart home from anywhere in the world, Our Smart home truly is a stepping stone for anyone who wants to savor the experience of living in the future.

Automate your curtains with IOTO Smart Curtain controller. Suitable for various home decoration styles, also applied in hotels, villas and offices.


Automation Solutions For Smart Buildings

IOTO Products can be integrated into a building at any stage of development. Whether you want to give a new life to an unsold property or integrate with a new project. Solutions are flexible & customized.

Our smart building solutions offer enhanced security with the added comfort of convenience and automation that’ll attract customers from all walks of life. Enhanced security and surveillance system. Motion and occupancy sensors with smart surveillance cameras to detect intrusion at multiple points. Smart emergency buttons to notify security personnel in danger.

IOTO's Industry-leading building controls systems designed to keep occupants safe and productive, in any space or environment. Configurable controls integrate seamlessly with smart equipment to achieve smart buildings.

With features such as voice assistant, real-time power tracking, smart phone control over appliances, wow’s the experience away from competition.


IOT Automation For Smart Enterprises

  • All In One Solution for any Enterprise - Automate and schedule any device in your enterprise.
  • Monitor your entire Infrastructure in one place.
  • Control Whenever you want, from where ever you are.

In modern day Infrastructure it is very difficult to keep track of individual appliances installed at far away locations. IOTOMATICS brings all your appliances on one unified dashboard.

Turn On or Off your appliances just by a tap from your desktop or your mobile phone. Restrict access to employees in the enterprise to your appliance control.

Schedule your appliances for perfect timing. Turn on/off appliances automatically to save energy. Can be used to manage Common area lighting, street lights, key tags etc in your enterprise.

Workflows do actions based on triggers, be it an anomaly or an event. Get a notification when an event occurs or take automated actions to protect your appliances.


Smart IOT Automation for Farming

  • Agriculture is one of the major industries to incorporate drones. Drones equipped with sensors and cameras are used for imaging, mapping and surveying the farms. There are ground based drones and aerial drones. Ground drones are bots that survey the fields on wheels
  • IoT based remote sensing utilizes sensors placed along the farms like weather stations for gathering data which is transmitted to analytical tool for analysis. Sensors are devices sensitive to anomalies. Farmers can monitor the crops from analytical dashboard and take action based on insights.
  • Image processing views the images in different spectral intensities such as infrared, compares the images obtained over a period of time and detects anomalies thus analysing limiting factors and helps better management of farms.

The applications of IoT in farming target conventional farming operations to meet the increasing demands and decrease production loses. IoT in agriculture uses robots, drones, remote sensors and computer imaging combined with continuously progressing machine learning and analytical tools for monitoring crops, surveying and mapping the fields and provide data to farmers for rational farm management plans to save both time and money.

Internet of Things (IoT) device is every object that can be controlled through the internet. IoT devices have become pretty popular in consumer markets with wearable IoWT (Internet of Wearable Things) such as smartwatches and home management products like Google home.


IOT Automation Solutions For Smart Industry

  • Industrial Automation and IoT is a recent innovative concept and Industrial IoT solutions add functional value to industrial equipments. IoT Course is the easiest way to learn all such a new innovations in various industries.
  • IoT is a system of smart enabled devices, from vacuum cleaners to cars. It’s important to understand that IoT devices use built-in sensors to generate data for further interpretations and decision making.
  • IoT technology is here to reduce human-to-human or human-to-computer interactions. That approach helps not only reduce costs associated with personnel but also eliminate possible flaws and mistakes.

Internet of things is proving to be a game changer for many automation companies. Industrial automation companies utilize IoT solutions can realize new advantages. The Internet of Things (IoT) assists to generate new technologies to resolve problems, improve operations and enhance productivity. The IoT can be described as the connection of only known electronic devices using Internet ‘data plumbing’ involving Internet Protocol (IP), web services and cloud computing. Impact of IoT on Industrial Automation is very high and it empowers us to utilize tablet computers, smart phones, realistic systems and cloud storage of data and so on.

IoT Gateway devices behave as a connection bridge between IoT Sensor Network and Cloud Server. IoT Gateway devices are appearing as essential elements in bringing next-generation devices to the IoT. They assist to merge protocols for networking, helps to analyze storage and edge analytics on the data and make possible data flow safely between edge devices and the cloud.


IOT Automation Solutions For Smart Hotels

  • IOTO Smart hotel, where hospitality meets the technology of tomorrow, where comfort, quality and high-tech luxury meet under the roof of affordability.
  • As soon as the guest checks-in, they would receive a link via SMS and email. The link gives the access to smart guest room.
  • Guest can control all the appliances in smart guest room using webapp from the link. They can change channels using voice or set mood by playing pre defined scenes and much more.

Control all the appliances in the smart room, change channels, setup scenes and do much more with your voice. Supports Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Turn on/off any switch or plug in the room with just a tap on the webapp. Control all IR appliances in the room such as TV, AC and Set-Top box and also get comprehensive entertainment guide. Smart room access is granted to the guest with an elegant guest webapp that can be opened with an SMS or an email link sent during check-In. No need to download any app from the Play store or App store.

Provide Hotel services to your guest using the webapp. They can book slots, access promotions offered by Hotel and also give feedback. Impressed by the smart hotel, the guests would want to leave a five star feedback. The webapp access will be revoked as soon as they checkout. Provide access to all the Hotel Services in the same webapp. Customers can easily request Hotel Services in one tap.


IOTO provides seamless integrations with major voice assistants and Industry Standards.

All the hard work for integrating with voice assistants and smart home ecosystem as well as industry standards has been taken care of. You get products which support these out of the box.

Digital Assistants

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Other Voice Assistants

Smart Analytics

  • User Analytics
  • Device Analytics
  • Support Dashboard


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Our Diverse Product Catalogue

Includes a wide array of smart products that you can readily use in your work setting to best suit the industry requirements.

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Lighting Control

Smartphone control from world corners.

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Appliance Control

Control all appliances on a tap.

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Temperature Control

Programmed Temperature control for you.

# # #

Voice Control

Appliances listen to your native language.

# # #


Know your guests on a video call with our VDP.

# # #


A sensing that alarms unusual activities.

# # #

Motion Control

Lights & fans sensing your steps.

# # #

Occupancy Detector

Appliances go off as you leave the room.

# # #


Minimal wiring at any place.

# # #

Energy Monitor

Monitor. Save energy and money.

# # #


Schedule in your absence. Time the appliances.

# # #

Curtain Control

Schedule as per your lifestyle and ambient light.

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Mood Lighting

Occasional lighting. Just say, “Alexa, festive mode”.

# # #

Artificial Intelligence

Observes, learns, and senses you as per the need.


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